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Tender Email Alert  

We find business opportunities for you!  If you don’t want to risk missing important tender opportunities or do not have time to search all official portals, our tender alert service will ensure that you receive an email notification as soon as a suitable tender is published.

  • Personalized and accurate search profile
  • No risk of being overloaded with irrelevant information
  • No limit on the number of tenders
  • No limit on the type (tenders, awarded contracts, changes, cancelations)

Our Sources

In Spain we review on a daily basis:

  • Boletines Oficiales (DOUE, BOE, BOA's y BOP's)
  • Plataformas de Contratación (CDE, Autonómicas y Provinciales)
  • Y más de 10.000 Perfiles de Contratante (Diputaciones, Ayuntamientos, Mancomunidades, Empresas Públicas, Cabildos y Consejos Insulares)

We also review more than 45.000 tender information sources in Europe and Latinamerica. 

The vast number of sources makes it almost impossible to search for them manually so most businesses lose tenders opportunities worth more than 20 million on a daily basis only because of lacking the knowledge of their existance! Generally, these tenders also have much less competition giving you and your business a bigger chance of winning. 



Awarded tenders 

Gain business intelligence by understanding your competition.

Get to know whether any sub-contracting opportunities have arisen and market your firm to companies already winning government contracts. You can get in touch with contractors and offer your products or services, performing part of the work requested by the administration.

Know what your competitors are doing: Be aware of the public tenders your competition wins and at what prices they do to add value to your proposal, be more competitive in your market and have more opportunities to win.

Convert the winners to your customers: Contact the winners of public tenders and sell them your services or products.

Knowing your competitors is key and can leverage you to success. Contact us if you have any doubt of how to use this service to your advantage. 




Attached Documents


Key part of tenders are the specifications of particular administrative clauses and the technical prescriptions. 

Stop dedicating time on trying to find them through internet or contacting the Awarding Authorities when the Attachments are not yet available. 

With your tender alert subscription you will receive all attached documents at no extra cost

commercial tenders

 Reports and Analysis

Thanks to the high amount of data we handle, we have the ability to create reports and analysis with the most relevant information for your company.



XLS Export

Get priceless insights with the tender information received.

You will not only be able to sort, filter and customize your own results lists to prioritize your work but also check backdated notices and awards to find who has previously published contracts relevant to your business, enabling you to identify potential re-tenders in advance of a new notice being published. This is a perfect way to stay ahead of your competitors!

Contact us for more details or open a sample export


XML Export

This tailor made functionality allows organizations to receive all the information of interest in XML format so they can import it into their IT system so that they can use it in the most convenient way.

If you are interested in this functionality


If you are interesed in this feature please contact us



 You can create a tender application within your company or web page with tenders that are convenient for you and your customers. 

This tool offers tremendous flexibility: you can select the categories of documents you are interested in, the information fields you want to present and the search functions you want to provide to your users. 


If you are interesed in this feature please contact us



Our trainings and seminars aim to give your business the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to tender successfully for public sector contracts. Check the latest tender seminars here (link).


international tenders


Licitaciones.es in partnership with law firms, offers you legal services for participation in tenders. 
Bid strategy and preparation, review, clarifications and full support.  

If you are interesed in public tender consultancy please contact us




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Covering 10.000 sources in Spain and 45.000 in Europe, we gathered more than 3 million tender opportunity last year only! 


Customer Care

With our experts in business profile creation you won't lose any business oportunity anymore. 


Global Experience

Our customers benefit from a vast experience and tender information from all over Europe and Latinamerica while having a personal care agent in their own country and language.


Business Competency

With over 15 years in the industry we have built a robust system and a team of experts in the field.